5 Ways to Increase Revenue with Ezoic Ads

I just watched Ezoics live stream going over five different ways to increase your revenue.

This was very valuable information especially going into Quarter 4 where we can usually expect the highest earnings of the year.

If you haven’t checked out that live stream definitely check it out as this is where I’m getting all my information from. I will link it at the end of this article.

How Ezoic Leap Increases Engagement

In the live stream, Iona Lofrano, A Level 4 Ezoic publisher success Manager, mentioned the importance of Ezoic leap.

In my opinion, this is basically an upgraded version of the site speed accelerator, but it’s now free for Ezoic publishers.

According to an Ezoic questionnaire, most publishers strive to improve their core web vitals this year, since that is what Google said they were focusing on as well.

Ezoic Leap will help you improve your site by offering suggestions and improvements.

It also has a new way to deliver ads to your audience, it is done server side over the cloud and is much faster than before.

Setting up and using Ezoic leap is easy to do but if you’re not comfortable doing it on your own, there’s a button to press that will sign you up to have a Leap specialist set it up for you.

I recommend everyone on ezoic to utilize this feature, your site will be much faster and as a result your revenue should increase.

How Ezoic Ads Improves SEO and Revenue

This one really interests me and I set this up myself last week so I’m really interested to see the results.

Ezoic has a feature to automatically import videos from YouTube onto Ezoic and use those as video ads on your website.

You can create video ad placeholders with the Ezoic plug-in and it’s pretty simple.

The videos will show on your content and play midroll ads.

These videos will also start to rank on Google bringing you more traffic to your site.

Also, Iona Lofrano mentions having these videos should improve your SEO by increasing the overall engagement on your website.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Oh, and she also shows a chart where one of her publishers is making around $60 per day just from video ads. Crazy!

Auto Generate Ad Placements with Ezoic Plugin

This one is interesting and I’ll have to try this right away. Apparently on the WordPress plugin there’s a button you can press to automatically generate ad placeholders.

These Placeholders will be hard coded onto your site unlike with the Ezoic Chrome extension that clings on to HTML.

This is good because if you make changes to your site like changing themes your placeholders will not be deleted.

Also, the WordPress plugin can work cooperatively with the Ezoic Chrome extension so there’s no need to delete any placeholders you’ve already created.

Simply click the generate button, clear your cache, preview the changes, and adjust as needed.

More placeholders means Ezoic can do more testing and find the most optimal place to show your ads and increase your monthly revenue.

Auto Cache Updated Posts with Ezoics CDN Caching

Something interesting mentioned in the live stream was this CDN feature. I actually didn’t know about this.

Whenever I made a lot of changes to my site I would delete the cache, but apparently that isn’t necessary anymore.

This new feature will automatically recache pages that you change.

Iona Lofrano showed a chart of someone’s Ezoic earnings comparing a page with a cache hit vs miss.

Turns out, cashing can basically double your epmv, which is insane.

If you’re not using caching you are leaving money on the table.

Why is Ads.txt so Important?

Having an ads.txt file is another thing mentioned on the live stream. This graph provided by Ezoic shows the difference of epmv simply by adding this file to your site.

With Ezoic, adding this file is is super simple it takes maybe 10 seconds. Go to the ads.txt file manager click create ads.txt file for me, and press save.

All this does is adds information to your site that makes it more appealing to advertise on.

I don’t know the logistics, but all you need to know is ads.txt=more money so do it.


This was a great live stream and I’m glad I checked it out. I’ll link it down below so you can watch the full video, I highly recommend it.