Master Guide to the Humix Platform Created by Ezoic

Humix is what I will call a “2-part platform” created by Ezoic. The first part is a way for website owners to increase their revenue using videos created by others. The second part is a way for video creators to monetize their videos INSTANTLY.

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What is Humix? is a video platform similar to YouTube but much different. It’s a way for content creators to earn more revenue from their hard work. The Humix platform does an excellent job of matching video creators with website owners. It’s a win-win relationship for both parties.

Humix for Website Owners

For website owners, Humix is a way to earn extra revenue by displaying videos on your website from the Humix network. These videos are created by other publishers (or yourself) and revenue is split 50/50 between you and the video publisher. If you publish your own videos you don’t have to share the revenue.

Once Humix is enabled on your site, a small window will pop up on any or all pages of your website, depending on your settings. This window will play a video from the Humix platform and show ads at random intervals, much like YouTube.

With Ezoic’s advanced AI and machine learning, videos on the Humix platform will be matched to your website based on your niche and article topic. This will increase user experience and overall time-on-page from your audience.

Humix for Video Creators

If you are a video creator you will LOVE This platform literally lets you monetize your videos INSTANTLY. I’m not even kidding.

Have you tried to be a YouTuber and got demotivated by how long it takes to get monetized? I have. But with Humix you can create a video, upload it, and start earning revenue the next day. You don’t need 1k subscribers, you don’t need 4k watch time. None of that. You just create, upload, and EARN!

The way this works is when you upload a video it’s added to the Humix platform. When a website owner enables Humix your video can be displayed on their website if they are related enough.

Any revenue generated from your video is split 50/50. You get half of the money for creating the video, and the other party gets half for displaying your video. It’s like YouTube.. but fair.

How to Setup and Use Humix

Master Guide to the Humix Platform Created by Ezoic

To start using Humix you will need to go to and click “start now”. Currently, you can only use Humix with an Ezoic account so you will have to sign up and add a website. Hopefully this changes but for now this is the only way.

Thankfully Ezoic accepts most people to their platform even with a small site so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The benefit of this barrier of entry is there is less “spam” on the platform so your videos will have a higher chance of being displayed.

Once you’ve created an account, there will be a tab that brings you to the Humix dashboard where you can upload your own videos or opt-in to display other content creators’ videos on your website.

Navigating the Humix Dashboard


The overview page is the first thing you will see when you access the Humix dashboard. From here you can see how many videos you’ve uploaded, Last 30 days video plays and revenue, and other useful data.

You can also click to upload a new video, upload batch videos, or import videos from your YouTube channel.

The displayed tab shows videos that you’ve shown on your website from other publishers, and the shared tab shows videos created by you that have been displayed on other websites.

You can also click preview channel which will take you to your channel on the official website.


The studio tab is where you can see all your videos uploaded to the Humix platform. You also have similar settings as the previous page like uploading videos, batch uploading and importing from YouTube.

You can also create playlists and make changes to existing video titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, categories, and other SEO-related stuff.

I’ve talked with Ezoic and the most important things to get your videos displayed are the title and description. Don’t be too niche with these, a broader topic can be displayed across more sites than a very targeted topic, which means more plays and more revenue.


The site tab is the techy part of the platform, you can make this setup as easy or as complicated as you wish. Ezoic has a lot of “auto” features to make this part super simple and painless for people who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Ezoic also provides lots of customization for people who like to dig deep and get exactly what they want. The choice is yours.

Video locations is where you create placeholders for your video ads to be played. I didn’t mess with anything here but feel free to play with it and customize how you like.

Network Opt-in is the important tab here, make sure you turn on both Grow and Engage for maximum profit. Grow will share the videos that you uploaded to the platform, and Engage will display videos on your website from other publishers.

The other tabs are for customizing the video locations or excluding some URLs from displaying video ads, and there’s also a tab to customize the video player. I left all these alone for now but customize them to your liking.

The settings tab has some great QOL options that I love. Here you can click a button to auto-generate ad placements.

To quickly get started with Humix and start earning money, simply go to the site tab, network opt-ins and enable “Grow” and “share”. Next, go to settings and enable “assign videos to ai video locations”. That’s it, you’re good to go!


The monetization tab allows you to change a few things about the ads being displayed. I don’t think any changes need to be done here but you can test them if you want.

You can increase or decrease ad length, make ads skippable, do aggressive playlist monetization, or just make life simple by keeping the “let Humix optimize video ads” box ticked “on”

You can ignore the “Network opt-ins” tab as you’ve already done that in the site tab. Not sure why it’s included again.

And in settings, you can simply turn ads off or on as you wish.


The channel tab is very similar to the studio tab with some changes. You can easily add or remove some or all videos you’ve uploaded from the Humix platform.

In the next tab, you can exclude videos from showing up on your site. Maybe there’s a low-quality video you don’t like or a URL uploading much low-quality junk you can block all of their videos if you like.

The YouTube settings tab just lets you add your YouTube channel so you can upload videos directly from there. You can also replace Embedded YouTube videos on your site with videos you’ve uploaded.

There’s a customizations tab but not a whole lot you can do here. Just drag some boxes around.

The last 3 tabs take you somewhere else to see information about your channel, read and manage comments, and preview your channel.


This page just includes some links to some helpful resources for setting up Humix, they include:

Expert Tips for Improving Your Results with Humix

  • Broad titles and descriptions will generally be displayed more often
  • Make your video 5+ minutes long (more revenue and engagement)
  • Make sure your videos are public or they won’t be played
  • Find popular videos on and create similar content
  • Setup ad placement right below the fold for maximum benefit
  • Get in early while the competition is low!

Here are more tips from Ezoic

My Results With Humix After 30 Days

I set up Humix on my birthday, January 3rd, 2023. It is now my dad’s birthday, January 27, 2023, as I’m typing this so nearly 30 days since I added my videos to the platform.

I took my 130+ videos from my food review channel and batch-uploaded them directly from YouTube to the Humix platform.

The next day, I instantly started earning revenue.

At first, it was only a few pennies, which quickly grew to 5-10 cents per day. There was one day I even earned 42 cents.

I know this isn’t A LOT of revenue. But it’s A LOT more than what YouTube was paying me after being on their platform for over a year. 130 videos and a year of my life and YouTube paid me $0. Even though I KNOW YouTube made money from my videos.

Humix allowed me to instantly start earning from my videos which feels really good. I’m sure if I target some popular keywords on and create videos specifically for the purpose of earning revenue, I bet I could earn a lot more than 10 cents per day.

I’m actually working on that right now, and I will let you know how that goes in the future.

Humix vs YouTube

YouTube definitely has its pros. The platform has been around for a long time and has an amazing algorithm that helps get your videos seen if they are high quality. But since YouTube has been around so long, the competition is insane.

You need to pick the right niche and produce amazing content on YouTube if you want a chance to grow. And even then it takes a long time and a lot of work to even earn a single penny with YouTube. You need 1k watch hours and 4k watch time on YouTube to even have a chance at monetization.

Humix, on the other hand, is a new platform, competition is very low and there is a good chance if you upload a video, it will be displayed somewhere. Once your video is uploaded, if it’s played, you will earn money.

There are no requirements to start earning with Humix, if you have an Ezoic account, you can earn money.

The downside of Humix being so new is the algorithm isn’t as advanced. It currently can’t tell the difference between a good video and a bad video. So a lot of the videos being uploaded may end up being poorly created and the people spending a lot of time and money on their videos may feel like they aren’t being rewarded enough.

Me, I will be using both platforms. I will upload my videos to YouTube to try and grow an audience over time. Then I will cross-post those videos to Humix to start earning revenue and get that instant gratification to motivate me to keep creating videos.

Platform to upload videos and earn revenuePlatform to upload videos and earn revenue
The algorithm helps push high-quality content outVideos that do well are mostly because of their keywords
LOTS of competitionVery little competition
Videos need to be AMAZING to get viewsMediocre videos can get millions of views
Getting Monetized is HARD with lots of requirementsUpload a video and it’s monetized instantly
Anyone can create a YouTube accountNeed Ezoic account which requires a website and approval


Whether you are a video producer or website publisher the Humix platform is an amazing contribution from Ezoic. Your websites can earn extra income and your videos can be monetized instantly. Humix does an excellent job at being the “middle man” and pairing videos with websites, and fairly distributing the revenue between both creators.